28号Q&A:二测E75会加强 猎虎裤裆削弱



   - SU-152 Taran is not planned

  - SU-152塔兰不在计划中

  - Q (on SerB): “How did the EU community react on the Stalin inscriptions returning?” A: “Majority doesn’t care, the only ones with butthurting are the Polish (it’s their national sport) and – oddly enough – Romanians”



  - SerB on Comet being UP: “I don’t understand how bad a player you have to be not to pwn in Comet”

  - SerB关于彗星的升级:我不能理解这要多渣的选手把彗星这么强力的车玩的这么差。

  - SerB on dynamic tank characteristics in hangar: “In my opinion, this is what should have been made instead of screwing up shell sliders. But our UI makers have their own vision”

  - SerB关于车库内显示车辆动态参数特征:在我看来,是应该去做这个事而不是把滑动效果搞砸。但我们的界面作者有自己的看法。

  - Landkreuzer Ratte will not appear in WoT even as map decoration


  - what will follow in branch after Chaffee? “No comment”


  - the “you get as much XP for losing as you get for winning if you get a medal” feature in 8.8 test will make it to the public server


  - SerB states that WoT made the Kubinka museum increase its visitor count 4 times

  - SerB指出,WOT使得库宾卡博物馆的参观者增加了4倍。

  - SerB on various player-made “votes” and “surveys” about game matters: “We will be guided by player surveys only if democracy is brought to Wargaming by American bombers, or if the players buy 51 percent of WG shares”

  - SerB关于各种玩家在论坛上发布投票和调查贴:如果米国的飞机把民主带到了WG,又或某位玩家收购了WG 51%的股份,那么我们绝对会遵守玩家的调查的。

  - Player Kwot34 asks SerB: “What will be your thoughts if I show you my Comet results?” A:”(my thoughts will be) ‘Am I such a bad player as Kwot34?’”

  熊孩子Kwot34 问SerB:如果我自己彗星的战绩让你瞧瞧,你会有什么想法?A:那太可怕了,没想到我居然和你一样渣。

  - 8.8 lower frontal armor of Tiger II (100mm) is historical (SS: yes it is, according to Doyle), the 120mm LFP is a mistake coming from one Russian book by an author named Barjatinskij, it’s widespread on RU forums


  - the 8.8 Superpershing frontal armor is now completely historical


  - Jagdtiger 88 won’t be changed as a part of the 8.8 German changes, because it is a premium vehicle. For now at least.


  - Jagdtiger lower frontal plate will also be reduced from 120 to 100mm


  - Q: “Okay, you are not changing JT88 so more people buy it?” A: “Conspiracy everywhere, how are we supposed to live with that?!”



  - Q: “JT88 was not touched ‘for now’, is it possible it will be nerfed and gold will be returned like in SP case?” A: “Everything’s possible”(一切皆有可能)



  - crew XP gain mechanism was not touched in 8.8


  - WG considers 1 degree error in armor slope compared to the historical original acceptable


  - E-75 might be buffed a bit for test 2 of 8.8 in order to compensate for the loss of the 1200hp engine


  - SerB is very invested in WoT Xbox 360

  - SerB 对WOT Xbox 360投入了巨大的精力

  - SerB answers to a player, who suggested the Object 140 to be on tier 9 and refers to a player survey that the players want it: “It’s a stupid proposal. You proposed the branch that was intended originally. But the problem is – the proposal to put Object 140 on tier 9 was already declined. We talked about this earlier. But you and others like you don’t read, you only write… and putting Object 140 on tier 9 will not succeed even if 100500 players vote for this stupidity.”

  一个玩家把调查问卷给SerB看,建议Object 140是9级车,SerB为此回答道:这是个愚蠢的建议,你想说这条分支当初就是这么设计的,但问题来了----把Object 140放到9级已经被否决了。我们之前早就和你们谈论过这个问题。但是你和其他像你这样想法的人没有看到我们的帖子,你们就知道发表这些个调查……告诉你,Object 140放到9级车位置绝不可能,就算是10万零5百份投票这样的蠢事放到我的眼前也绝不可能。

  - Object 140 is better armored than T-54

  - Object 140装甲比T-54好

  - about demolitions of bridges in WOT (when Havok is implemented): “In World of Tanks we’ll have to solve the issue with tanks standing under them getting buried by the rubble”


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