Gamescom Q&A

  Hello everyone,

  today, we have something interesting. As you probably know, I was not able to go to the Gamescom this year, but others did – in this case it was one player, who wished his nickname to remain anonymous, who met some of the developers and designers and asked some interesting questions. Of course, keep in mind that this is not a 100 percent info I can vouch for, but all of it seems kinda legit to me.



  - Japanese are most likely coming in 2013


  - Chieftain and one more other T10 tank may come for the Brits.


  - FV215B likely to be rebalanced

  - FV215B看起来会被重新平衡

  - FV4202 fate (after bovinton-measurements): the tank is alot worse than initially expected. The facts about the turret are correct (more armor + smaller hatch) but the rest is really a lot worse.

  -关于 FV4202的命运,在巴温顿博物馆测量后,这车比预想的差多了,事实上炮塔的尺寸是正确,更好的装甲,更小的舱门,不过剩下的真的是差太多了。

  Challenger stated, it would fit as ~T8 medium in its historical characteristics. Replacement or final decision is to be announced.


  - Skillbased matchmaking is (according to Viktor Kisly) not 100% off the table but very unlikely to finally appear.Depends on the players and their “global” opinion.


  - Kisly himself does not take influence on the game development. He just gives information to the developers and let them decide.

  - Kisly 本身不会对游戏开发有任何的影响,他不过是给开发人员提供一些资料,决定权还在于他们

  - German 2nd TD line is (according to a designer) mostly non-turreted.


  - The WT E100 TD will not have camo as advantage because of its size,armor won’t be an advantage either. But it will have some other advantage to make up for it.

  WT E100 TD的身板太大了,不会有伪装上的优势,装甲也不靠谱,当然了,肯定会有其它方面优点的。

  - Garage battles are postponed to 2014 or even 2015, depending on internal factors and gameplay desicions. They might come as company battles first.

  车库战被推迟到2014 甚至 2015,它取决于内部因素和玩法,或许会先在联队赛中出现。

  - tierspead change to +/- 1 tier battles will not appear for now because of game internal decisions


  - historical battles may appear at the end of the year but not sure yet… most certainly next year.


  - CW will get some sort of overhaul after the 2nd campaign this year (maybe roaming features? dunno)


  - 30vs30 battles are planned and in develpoment at the moment (+ bigger maps). They are internally developed under the title WoT 2.0, as they will bring a massive spotting, firing-range, accuracy overhaul and some other gamechanging things with them. It is not yet decided on how this will infuence current mechanics and gameplay on the smaller maps we play on atm.

  - 30vs30 战斗模式目前在计划和开发中,它们在内部定义为WOT2.0,同时会带来更大的视野、射击距离、重新修改的精度和其它的游戏变动。还没决定是否会影响会在小型地图的游戏机制问题

  - The further plan of WG atm is to implement 100 vs 100 battles at one point. According to one developer this is technically already possible but needs further testing (+ additionally the trouble, same as in 30 vs 30 so far). He stated the generally possible arrival is 3-4 years away. The basic idea after this is to have 100 vs 100 battles in CW and companies at one point (which will lead to bigger clansizes and bigger maps, too). It is even considered that they may even appear for randoms.

  WG未来的宏伟计划,是想实现100 vs 100 的战斗,根据某个开发人员说这在技术上是可行的,不过需要进一步的测试,他还说这需要3到4年的时间。百人大战会在领土和联队中出现,甚至于还考虑过出现在随机模式中*(这得需要多大的地图,俺们的小霸王游戏机受不鸟啊)

  Other games:

  - World of Warships is currently in internal testing mode. It will be really slow in terms of gameplay (battles will likely take longer than WoT battles), but alot faster than it would be in real life.


  - WoWs will be on GC 2014 with a probability of 95% according to Kisly


  - WoWs might one day feature submarines, depends on players input and the finalized gameplay.


  - Total Annihilation is likely going to be a WG game in the future


  - Supreme Commander (according to Chris Taylor) is not likely to appear again as it’s neither planned nor considered for now.


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