- there was a video on Russian server, where players can apparently send their dumb ideas and developers answer them. Some player proposed to implement equipment (or consumable? didn’t notice) that would create a “holo-tank” on the spot where the original tank was (“mock-up tank”). Apparently, this idea won’t be implemented…


  - in historical battles, a vehicle will have one fixed configuration (no options to modify it)


  - apparently, arty will not be playable in historical battles (for now at least)


  - in WG concept, Sturmtiger is closer to a TD than to arty


  - it’s possible that realistically, with a small number of shells in the ammo rack left, the turret would not fly off during the ammo explosion, but SerB states they will exaggerate the effect for the sake of attractiveness


  - regarding the support of multiple AMD (Radeon) graphic cards (SLI), SerB states that AMD solutions are weird and that’s why their support will come later


  - the entire “spotting” system was developed based on interesting gameplay at the point of the beginning of development


  - contrary to Storm’s statement, SerB states that premium vehicles, that really fought (like Churchill III), will be allowed in historical battles (SS: so I guess that’s one side of the disagreement)


  - there was a Soviet “coastal defense tank” with a 130mm gun (not a part of the KV-4/KV-5 series), called Object 103 with a T-100 hull and the B-13 gun, SerB states that it would theoretically be a tier 7 or so tank


  - regarding coastal defense tanks, SerB states that the Japanese coastal defense tank project came later than the O-I heavy one and was armed with a 140mm gun in a single turret (SS: asked Daigensui, she said

  140mm was a naval gun and it would make little sense to install it when you had a better and more produced 150mm gun)


  - KV-3 and KV-4 can carry D-25 gun (despite the gun being developed later than these projects) “for gameplay diversity”

  KV-3 和 KV-4 能够装下D25炮,目的是为了游戏玩法的多样性(尽管这门炮是开发的比这些车要晚)

  - apparently (if I understand this correctly), when an ammo rack explodes, the remaining shells (that exploded) are not considered “fired” (spent) for the purpose of purchasing new ones


  - SerB states that there were probably no KV-4/5-based projects with 130mm+ caliber, because the SPG projects were usually made on existing chassis

  SerB 表示有可能不会有基于KV-4/5、装备130mm以上口径的项目,因为火炮项目通常都是在现有基础上制造的。

  - another Soviet heavy/SPG branch (derp tanks) will not be implemented for now, not before more US, Brits, French and EU tree are implemented


  - SerB states that HD models will be a “zero-level” LOD, so they won’t even be loaded on weaker computers


  - when roaming is implemented, it will not be possible for example to buy gold for other server’s prices and such stuff


  - Storm states that the soundtrack and sounds implementatation has nothing to do with each other: “musicians don’t do sounds”

  Storm 指出,配音和音效的实施没有关系:音乐家不会去做音效一个道理

  - apprently, implementing the turrets being ripped off by ammorack explosions aren’t that manhour-demanding to implement, two guys worked on it – one on the effects, one on the physics and at the same time they both worked on other stuff too


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