- Q: "The guy who rebalanced Soviet medium penetration should be hanged by the balls!" A: "Why are you rude?"

  - 问:“那个砍苏系中坦穿深的家伙应该被吊起来弹JJ!” 答:“Why are you so Diao?”

  - In 9.9 apart from two maps 14 old vehicles will be reworked to HD

  - 9.9除了会修改两张地图以外,还有14辆坦克的高清化

  - Storm states that the alleged duty of every WG employee to play WoT as a part of his job is a myth

  - Storm声明称所谓的“每个WG雇员工作的一部分就是玩WOT”是不真实的

  - Developers are not working on multi-layer carousel in the garage because it's not necessary, instead there will be improved filters

  - 开发团队并没有在做多层车库,因为根本没这个必要,以后会有改进过的坦克筛选器

  - Storm praises the XVM guys for making a fix that removes the Domination tanks from the first spots in the garage carousel

  - XVM团队制作了一个可以将攻坚战专用坦克从车库最前位置移除的修复补丁,Storm对此表示赞许

  - For now there are no plans to switch GW E-100 for anything

  - 现在还没有替换 GW E火炮的计划

  - Multiturret mechanism for multiturret Japanese heavies? "I don't understand why would you need a machinegun-equipped miniturret when you have a 150mm gun" (adds that these small miniturret guns wouldn't be useful even against very light targets such as the French)

  - 日本的多炮塔重坦会有多炮塔机制吗?“我就没闹明白你都有了一个150mm主炮了,还要小炮塔上的机枪干嘛”(补充说明这些小炮塔上的炮就算是打法系那样的脆皮也没啥用处)

  - Lowest tier Japanese heavy tank will be tier 3

  - 日本最低等级的重坦是3级

  - Giving out exclusive lowtier tanks to elite players is not a good idea (sealclubbing)

  - 发给高玩们一些等级特别低的坦克可不是一个好主意,只会让屠幼更猖獗

  - Multiturret vehicles are about 15 vehicles, almost all lowlevel

  - 大约有15辆坦克是多炮塔的,它们大多是低级车

  - The WoT audience is not very interested in playing lowlevel tanks (by lowlevel Storm means tanks until level 5)

  - WOT玩家对玩低级车并没有太大兴趣(Storm眼中的“低级车”是指5级以下)

  - Armored cars are not considered to be implemented for now (not even for 2016) - there are too few medium and high tiers and there aren't cars for all the nations

  - 目前没有加入装甲车的计划(明年也不会有)- 因为中高级的可选用装甲车太少,而且也并不是所有国家都有装甲车

  - There will not be more light tanks for now

  - 目前不会加入更多LT了

  - Maus secondary gun (75mm short) would be useless as well, it can't penetrate Batchat from the front and not even always through the sides but it might be fun for PvE mode

  - 鼠式的副炮(短75mm)也没啥用,既打不穿查涤纶的正面也不一定能打穿它侧面,但是玩PvE模式的话应该会很有趣

  - Average battle takes 7 minutes but average life expectancy of one player in battle is 4 minutes

  - 战斗的平均时间是7分钟,但是玩家每局的平均存活时间是4分钟

  - Storm would like to have the hydropneumatic suspension of STB-1 in the game but he is not a manager, he can't give the order to implement it, there are other people who need to be convinced that the players need this feature

  - Storm很想给STB-1实装液压悬挂,但是他胳膊没那么长,管不着这些事。这需要去说服其他家伙,让他们明白玩家需要这种功能。

  - Experimenting with existing mechanisms (such as penetration) on live servers is very dangerous

  - 在正式服上对现有机制(比方说穿深)进行试验是非常非常危险的

  - There are no plans for one man training rooms. The fact that Gaijin has those doesn't mean much: "with their low online numbers it's not a problem"

  - 没有单人训练房的计划。隔壁Gaijin做的游戏(比方说WT)有这玩意儿也并不能说明什么:“他们的游戏在线人数很少,这当然不是个问题”

  - Offline maps (with clientside calculations) will not be made

  - 不会做离线地图(包含客户端计算)(话说客户端计算的东西太多,不止容易外挂横行,都能出私服了吧)

  - There are no special measures being taken (for example during map rework) to shorten the combat distance

  - 没有采用特殊手段去缩短战斗距离(比方说在重做地图的时候)

  - The reworked Murovanka was a real improvement according to Storm

  - 据Storm所言,重做后的穆勒万卡有了明显的提升

  - New sounds in WoT? "What can I say. We are working on it. No ETA."

  - WOT中新的声效? “我该说啥好呢。我们正在做这个。但是没有确切时间。”

  - T110E5 in HD will come "a bit later" than 0.9.9

  - 高清化的T110E5会在0.9.9版本后“不久”就有

  - WG's T110E5 is not really historical, it's more like "inspired by T110 program"

  - WG造的T110E5并不符合史实,它更像是“被T110计划所激发灵感” (然后捏造出来的吗!!!)

  - There will not be any free premium VK4502B for players

  - 玩家不会得到免费的金币版VK4502B的

  - Storm doesn't know how the developers will make tank parts (bags, fuel tanks) shake and stuff on the move (whether by Havok or otherwise) but it will be done

  - Storm也不知道开发团队是怎么样让坦克的零部件(沙包、油箱)在行进过程中晃动的(通过Havok或者是其他的什么),但是肯定会做出来的

  - Regarding penetration: "We are trying to make it historical but if it doesn't fit the balance, we will adjust it. It was always like that."

  - 关于穿深:“我们试图让它符合史实,但如果它不符合游戏平衡的话,就会调整这一参数。一直以来我们都是这么干的。”

  - The mission to get free FV4202 will be available to everyone who has it unlocked (no ETA)

  - 所有研发了FV4202的玩家都能领到免费获得金币版FV4202的任务(时间未知)

  - Storm confirms: the S-Tank will be implemented

  - Storm证实:游戏中会有(那个像外星科技一样悬挂特殊的)S-Tank的

  - S-Tank suspension has nothing to do with new motion physics

  - S-Tank的悬挂和新的动态物理效果没有一毛钱的关系

  - It's possible that the BL-9 on IS-3 is too short, Storm will investigate

  - IS-3的BL-9炮可能太短了,Storm说会去调查一下的

  - Object 757 will not be implemented, it's too OP

  - 757工程不会加入游戏的,它太OP啦

  - Developers are working on balancing the Mammut

  - 开发团队正在平衡猛犸

  - The tier 8-10 penetration consists of only nerfs, vehicles with lower penetration such as АМХ 1390, Т32, АТ-15 will not get any buffs

  - 8-10级车的穿深平衡只是包含削弱,那些穿深较低的车(比方说AMX1390、T32、AT-15)不会有任何buff

  - There are no plans to give players who paid a lot of money to WG some free stuff (exclusive tanks)

  - 没有任何计划给大客户发放一些免费福利(包括免费获得坦克)

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