15号Q&A:怒打脸 忘记昨天QA的标题吧



  Storm confirms that patch 9.9 is bugged. To fix that, the Russians got a hotfix patch today, fixing the issue where destroyed tanks appeared as if they were alive. Another nasty bug was also hotfixed - the battle did not end after the destruction of all the enemies. This was nicknamed "zombie tanks" by the Russians and it caused a massive shitstorm.

  Storm确认说今天的9.9版本又bug了(怒打脸)。为了修复bug,俄服这边弄了个修复补丁,修复了已被摧毁的坦克还会像还活着的坦克一样(还留在战斗中,而且如果该坦克死在旗圈里,还会继续占领下去,更糟的是还打不断。。)——还有另外一个恼人的bug被修复了——战斗在全歼后不结束(= =!)。这被俄服玩家们戏称为“僵尸坦克”,而且这也招来了一大片骂声。

  - the fact the M6A2E1 was buffed in HD does not mean there's going to be a marathon (an event where you can get it by grinding), it's possible that the producers will decide to actually start selling it


  - weather effects don't work for PC WoT - they reduce the performance too much (for a large part of Russian players with crappy PC's)


  - Storm confirms that poor PC's work worse with Cryengine and Unreal engine than with Bigworld - WG specifically tested that


  - Storm confirms Insider's words: Kanonenjagdpanzer will be balanced further


  - new branches are already planned for 2015 and 2016, they do not include other Kanonenjagdpanzer variants as regular vehicles


  - in theory it is possible to implement moving water, sea tide, moving clouds and such effects but Storm states that the basics have to be finished first


  - developers are working on multicore support


  - the switch of VK4502B wasn't rushed, it was first announced more than a year ago


  - Storm is not allowed to say what the Object 777 and T-22sr vehicles are for (speculations include second individual mission season for example)


  - Xbox One version doesn't have dynamic equipment on the vehicle (stuff that gets torn off when shooting it) either

  Xbox One版的战车上没有动态装备(挨打后脱落的东西)

  - the grass flattened under a tank in the Xbox One version works for one map only

  Xbox One版中坦克底下的草被压平的效果只在一张图上有

  - Xbox One WoT can use weather effects because the Xbox One performance is better than the majority of WoT player PC's

  Xbox One版WoT有天气效果可用是因为Xbox版表现比大多数PC版要好

  - Xbox One bright tracers will not be implemented to WoT PC

  Xbox One的炮线高亮示踪不会加入PC版WoT

  - Storm regarding Xbox One WoT sound quality: "If we added the sounds from Xbox One to the PC version, you'd throw so much shit at us we'd be covered by it to the top of our heads."

  Storm对于Xbox One版WoT的声音质量:“如果我们把Xbox版的声音加入,我们一定会被你们的各类排泄物淹没的。”

  - DX11 support will come in forseeable future


  - there are no plans to change the Scaleform UI platform to anything else

  没计划将Scaleform UI平台换为其他的

  - Storm states that the weak T32 mantlet is not a bug: "It was always like that". Later when confronted with this again, he loses nerves: "Fuck, it was the same in 9.8! This is not even funny anymore. Yes, there are issues but you don't have to pour shit in this topic. The more normal the reports become, the faster will everything get fixed." (the whole thread turns into a farce with players mocking the "9.9 was made with quality in mind" motto, Storm posting an ISIS hymn and people spamming Russian AW codes)


  - when the SPIC replaces the AFK Panther in 9.9, the players are keeping the AFK Panther in statistics. This is intentional (AFK Panther stats will stay in your player statistics as "frozen", SPIC stats will count from scratch)


  - there is now a bug in 9.9 that makes the picture too blurry on low setting, if you are getting that you have to untick the "Dynamic details" in settings according to Storm. Later however he adds that he might be wrong and that it will be investigated.


  - some modern videocards are missing the TXAA setting in 9.9 - it's possible this is tied to SLI


  - multiple players report crashes in 9.9, Storm is investigating the situation


  - Patton 46 model is also wrong, it will be fixed in 0.9.10


  - Q: "WG has best QA in industry!" A: "Everybody makes mistakes"




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