25日Q&A:英系置换疑云 2016年新科技树



  Friday, 25 September 2015

  25.9.2015 Q&A

  First, a little about the Chieftain. According to Russian leakers, the situation is as follows - it's possible the Chieftain will not replace the FV215b at all, it will be replaced by "Super Conqueror" (which is a combination of the new Conqueror turret Listy found in archives and additional spaced armor plating). Chieftain might come as an alternative tier 10 (something like Object 140/430/T-62A) and might an entire alternative branch pulled towards it (according to Listy, such a minibranch is buildable from Chieftain prototypes so this is not impossible), but the plans for 2016 are already finalized so the Chieftain branch would only come in 2017. The problem with this approach is that without ANOTHER new tier 10, the 2017 Chieftain minibranch would not do well (as in, if a branch doesn't have a new tier 10 with it, noone grinds it). In any case this will be decided within days.



  然而2016年的工作计划已经制定完成,所 以酋长线的制作只能推迟到2017年了。但如果按照这样的时间安排,到时候这条线就没有一辆新的顶级车可用了,因为酋长在这之前已经出了,没有一辆新的十级车,这条新线不会有太好的效果的(也就是说,没有新的十级车,也就没人会去坑这条线了——这跟法系的低级中坦线很像)。

  总之,我们争取在几天之后拿出一 个切实可行的方案来。

  - it's not possible to introduce the new sounds in 10.0: they will be running on an entirely new sound engine


  - WG is strongly considering hiding the names of enemy team players to stop people from using noobmeters


  - there is enough single core PC users on RU market to justify removing a feature that makes the game not work on such PC'sm former Soviet republics and Eastern Europe has many players with single core processors who are playing and paying regularily and making the new sound engine for HD client only is not an option as maintaining two sound systems at the same time is too costly. It will be implemented - just later.

  -俄服那边用老爷机的玩家真的很多,新的音效引擎确实会让他们的电脑带不动,所以移除它是正确的选择。在前苏联成员国 以及东欧的部分国家还是有很多忠实玩家的。

  只在高清客户端引入新的音效引擎不是个好主意,同时维护两套引擎的成本过高了一些。但终究会有的——只是需要再 等一会儿。

  - VK 100.01, VK4503 and tier 7 VK4502B are premiums/event vehicles, not regular tanks

  -VK 100.01,VK4503与7级车VK4502B是金币/活动奖励车,不是科技树坦克。

  - Havok was shelved (delayed) due to the fact it causes too much client performance loss


  As you noticed, dear players, WG EU finally after years managed to translate some materials from Storm. The translation was good (some of the "juicy" parts where Storm calls old players "oldfags" are of course censored) - here's a couple of Storm's reaction to that session.


  - Storm is not personally responsible for the artillery balance


  - the "3 caliber rule" cancellation for heavies won't come in 10.0, it's not read


  - Object 430 will be buffed, soon


  - crew will be reworked, the new crew system will resemble the WoWs system


  - new camouflages will be added in the future, it is possible the Hungarian tanks will get Hungarian colors


  - 10.0 will not bring new camouflages, but it will bring crew skill bonuses to existing ones


  - the reasons for the crew rework plan are the following: it's inconvenient to move the crews around, there are always "leftover" crewmen stuck in barracks, there is no variability in crew skill grind (everyone is grinding the same skills), some crewmembers are also much less important than others skill-wise



  - the main topic of 2016 development will be "fixing the painful WoT issues" - the crew system is one of them and will definitely be changed but there is no finalized list of what issues will be fixed in 2016


  - it's possible that the crewmembers (ladies, the Rudy crew etc.) will stay visually, only they perks will be removed and rebalanced


  - all these changes are still in the state of ideas, even the initial concept was not made yet


  - Merkava prototypes would be suitable for WoT, but Mk.1 has too much armor - there are no concrete plans for an Israeli branch, it's simply "possible"


  - according to Storm it's now possible (allowed) to implement composite armor to WoT (as layers of regular armor without the increased effectiveness against HEAT shells)


  - 10.0 will NOT bring new sounds or motion physics


  - two branches will come in 2016: Swedish branch and French heavies


  - Quality Assurance has nothing to do with whether imbalanced tanks end up in the game


  - the last major arty nerf not only didn't improve the artillery situation, it brought some negative effects with it to boot. The future major arty overhaul will be "elegant" and will come all at once to solve the arty issues in the long run.


  - the video where the developers have shown the new sounds and told that the sounds would come in 10.0 - according to Storm the devs were overeager and didn't say it correctly, for now the new sound engine engine is eating too much processor power


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