Have a Q&A ready for you, I understand that many been asking why I there haven't been Q&As like before and saying its my fault when its not the reality of things, its simple actually, Storm has been radio silent for nearly a month, even the Russians been crying over that, quoting their words, "holidays are over and gingerbread has gone hard" but he seems to have become fed up of all the whining and crying. And hey, whining and crying is alright, I get it everyday, but the issue is when people do it without bringing any constructivism and in my opinion that's what drove the guy away, although, that doesn't affect me, you see, I have no soul. :D

  你们要Q&A,那就给你们好了。有些人老在问我为啥没Q&A啊,是不是 Rita你的锅呀?然而事实上Storm最近一个月都在闷声发大财,毛子那边对此也是怨声载道,Storm看起来已经能够淡定地无视这些嘴强王者了。嘴强 王者我这儿也不少啊,不过我是无所谓的,AKKBKG咯,:D

  Anyway, this Q&A has been provided by Slava , I picked the questions from those who were and been the most constructive in comment RSR sections, hopefully (and I haven't asked yet) we could make this a often thing.




  - Smoke screens probably yes at some point, let’s start with artillery smoke shells first. And no, Soviets had an easy way to lay smoke screens with the device attached to the diesel engine exhaust ports



  - Sure you can use any tank as scout, the point is that scout tanks would get more rewards for scouting



  -We need to remove shitty maps, including low tier maps, Mittengard!



  -Some will be in May patch



  -Sorry that’s why you need a premium tank or account or skill in farming with low tiers. High tiers are not supposed to be profitable tho you can make money with tanks like t-150 and pay for E-75 expenses. Years ago I used Su-85 to pay for everything I needed Over 1000 battles in it.



  -Never. Without it, the price of a single mistake would skyrocket.



  -Yes for Swedish



  -More of a high caliber HE shells, T92 for example.Cluster shells did not exist in WW2



  -Yes there would be MM improvement. What kind of Improvement are you asking for?



  -Yes, definitely.BTW camo does benefit smaller vehicles more.



  -Unique national equip? May be.



  -Yes. Because it was impenetrable at the time and E5 was never built.E5 at the moment is a much better tank than IS7.



  -We will change maps, starting with removal of corridor ones.



  -We need a new T10 Brit heavy, I hope Chieftain will do,but it seems that there was a problem with it’s armor- not as good as expected.



  -No.Rebalancing prem ammo is okay tho. Things like 420 pen HEAT will have to go away.



  -have a WoT client with map picking feature.Improves win rate A LOT. So the answer is no.



  -No historical battles until we have PvE scripts+bots. Noone wanted to play historical low level tanks, everyone wanted to gib lowbie Pz3s with Su152s. With PvE bots, bots will play lowbie tanks and players get to gib them in top tanks.


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